Top 7 Most Beautiful Parks in Amsterdam

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day of exploring and walking around a city than taking a moment to sit on the grass, drink some wine and enjoy the surroundings. Amsterdam has dozens of great parks, perfect for picnics, games and relaxation. Below our list of

1. Vondelpark

The city’s most famous park, Vondelpark is conveniently situated close enough to all the main tourist sites for visitors and locals alike to go there on sunny days and take advantage of the good weather. There are several cafes sprawled around that serve great food. From June to September the Vondelpark Open Air Theater puts on free events, such as concerts and shows.

Location: Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Holland

2. Frankendael Park

Situated in the Oost part of Amsterdam, Frankendael Park is a beautiful ecological creation. The tranquility of this park is almost tangible, and both adults and children will have fun discovering the hidden parts of this amazing green space. Apart from all the trails and nature that visitors will enjoy here, there are also two gourmet, sustainable-food restaurants. Once a month there is also a fun food market that should not be missed.

Location: Frankendael Park, Amsterdam, Holland

3. Beatrixpark

Different varieties of trees and plants were planted in Beatrixpark, which is situated in Amsterdam Zuid, during the 1972 Floriade. Today many of them are labelled, so it’s easy to take note of the different types of species that border each trail. During the summer months this park gets livelier: many locals come here to walk their dogs, there is a market once a month and an ice cream parlor opens to help visitors deal with the sweltering heat.

Location: Beatrixpark, Amsterdam, Holland

4. Sarphatipark

Situated in the up-and-coming Pijp area, this park is always full of tourists and locals. The many bars and restaurants around it make it a perfect place to pass some time before heading to dinner or lunch reservations. It is quite a small park with few people playing sports or dog walking, so it’s ideal for those who do not want to be disturbed. The proximity of the Albert Cuyp market is also very useful, since travelers can go and buy a delicious picnic to enjoy at the park later.

Location: Sarphatipark, Amsterdam, Holland

5. Oosterpark

As its name denotes, this park is situated in the Eastern part of Amsterdam, an area that is one of the most culturally diverse in the entire city: something that is reflected in the park’s fun atmosphere. Visitors have many options when they are in Oosterpark; there is a large pond with birds, a children’s paddling pool, dog-friendly areas and food stalls. It can be reached by tram lines 3, 7 or 9.

Location: Oosterpark, Amsterdam, Holland

6. Amsterdam Forest

This park is located on the fringes of Amsterdam, but is still close enough to the city for visitors. It is one of the biggest parks in the area, and is really more of a forest than a traditional park. Tourists who miss the great outdoors should definitely go to Amsterdamse Bos, since there is no shortage of things to do there. Hiking, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding and seeing an art exhibition are just a few of the things on offer at this wonderful park.

Location: Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, Holland

7. Rembrandtpark

Also situated in the East of Amsterdam, Rembrandtpark is one of the most original parks in the city. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the artist Rembrandt, and there are several statues of him scattered around the park, so visitors can pick and choose where they want to take photos with the famous painter. It is a great area to stroll through, or to go to drink a coffee early in the morning and start the day off in a truly Dutch way.

Location: Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam, Holland